Before model camp Australia, I never considered it would be possible that I could be a model. I wasn’t confident, I’m not tall or very thin and I never thought I had the “perfect look” to succeed. But as soon as you step into the MCA studio, non of that matters.

Once you are greeted by the amazing Yasmin and meet great people just like yourself, It’s easy to fit in with everyone and they make it feel very natural and comfortable. The photoshoots are always incredible, with professional make up artists and well known photographers, along with the girls they provide different tips and hands on posing instructions throughout the entire shoot to help you receive your best shots and reach your full potential.

After my experience at model camp Australia I feel very confident in who I am as a person and I wouldn’t change a thing about my self, they helped me realise, no matter your height, weight or looks you can become a great model. If you are interested in being a model I highly recommend this course!

Don’t just follow your dreams, chase them with passion in your heart and determination in your eyes and with a little hard work, you’ll reach them.


Thank you Model Camp Australia for all the amazing opportunities you’ve provided me since joining your 10 week course late last year.

I can’t thank you enough or express my gratitude towards the team at model camp and the countless effort you put in week after week, even after the course. You’ve shown me what it means to be a strong and confident woman whilst also supporting my peers in the same success.

Before starting your course I was a shy, low self-esteem woman who couldn’t spark up the courage to have a conversation with a sales consultant at any store. Modelling being my passion and something I’d always dreamed of doing, I decided to take the advice of other girls who also joined your course and do it myself. I am no longer the shy girl who’d prefer to be in my own company. I have secured plenty of modelling opportunities with the help of the Model Camp team and gained myself more confidence than I could imagine, helping me be more successful in this field and my passion. I love it so much I’m still enrolled.

Thank you again for your countless efforts, constant support and amazing opportunities you put forward to me.


I enrolled into model camp in 2014, I had recently finished my degree and wanted to see if I could make it back into the modelling industry. I used to model when I was little and Model Camp Australia was the perfect opportunity. Yasmin and Aniqua are absolutely amazing and show you the ropes and make it easy to learn how to hold and present yourself. I also met a great bunch of people who I am still in contact with including other models, photographers and makeup artists.

Since Model Camp Australia, I have had an outstanding amount of paid work including roles with designers such as Steph Audino, Tiana Continibali, Karolina Couture Lingerie and Lorna Jane. I have also worked with many great photographers and makeup artists.

Without Model Camp Australia and their team giving me a confidence boost, I probably would not have gotten back into modelling. I now realise that it’s a whole new career opportunity for me to establish myself as a freelance model.

I couldn’t thank you ladies enough for how much you have taught me, helped me and for the endless opportunities you present me.